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  • Greek salad 9.50€

    with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capers, spring onions, green pepper, olive powder, feta cheese crumbles and white balsamic vinegar

  • Brezaola salad 9.50€

    with green vegetables, figs, rocket, anthotyro cheese, brezaola, truffle oil and balsamic vinaigrette

  • Caesar salad 8.50€

    with chicken, croutons, lettuce, parmesan cheese


  • Halloumi mille-feuille 5.50€

    with grilled vegetables

  • Sarikopita pie 5.50€

    with xynomizithra cheese, sesame seeds & honey

  • Aubergine rolls (boreks) 6.50€

    with beef mince

  • Hunkar begendi 7.50€

    with beef stew in tomato sauce & smoked aubergine puree

  • Soy orzo 7.50€

    with vegetables


Main Dishes

  • Grilled chicken fillet 9.50€

    with metsovone smoked cheese and prosciutto

  • Sweet and sour chicken 9.50€

    with mixed sweet peppers and soy sauce

  • Kleftiko 10€

    Pork and beef with feta cheese, herbs and sweet peppers, oven-baked in parchment paper

  • Chicken pappardelle 9.50€

    Bacon, double cream, mushrooms

  • Chicken schnitzel 9€

    à la crème

  • Stuffed chicken schnitzel 9.50€

    with bacon, graviera cheese, mustard sauce

  • Linguine 9.50€

    with prawns and mussels (frozen)

  • Linguine al Tartufo 11.50€

    Truffle oil and mushroom sauce

  • Burrata with rigatoni 9.50€

    with pomodoro sauce

  • Gnocchi with gorgonzola cream 9.50€

    Chicken, bacon, mushrooms

  • Rigatoni 12.50€

    with smoked salmon

  • Chicken burger 12.50€

    Special chicken farming

  • Black pig burger (Greco Negro) 12.50€

    Moulkiotis Farm

  • Stuffed pork fillet 9.50€

    with kefalograviera cheese

  • Chicken souvlaki (breast) 8.50€
  • Pork fillet souvlaki 8.50€


  • Moussaka 7.50€

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